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Where can I download FamilyPlug?

FamilyPlug is available on GooglePlay (Android) and the AppStore (iOS). Access these platforms via your smartphone, search for FamilyPlug and download the file. It is free!

Is it available in every country?

FamilyPlug is only available in the US and most of European Countries. It will soon be available in Asia and South America.

How can I download FamilyPlug?

FamilyPlug is available on GooglePlay  (Android) and the AppStore (iOS).  Access these platforms via your smartphone, select the search bar and type FamilyPlug. Download the file, open it and support the recovery of a patient.

What do I need?

You only need a Smartphone running on Android (Samsung, LG, Huawei, Nexus and many others) or iOS (Apple).  If you wish to setup FamilyPlug for a patient, visit the “recommended” page on this website and find more about how to offer the best experience to the patient.

Why I can’t find it while my friends can?

FamilyPlug is available only in few countries (The US and most of Europe). You can download FamilyPlug by connecting to the GooglePlay (Android) or AppStore (iOS) of a country where FamilyPlug is available.

What is the compatibility for Smartphones and Tablets?

FamilyPlug was developed to run on all devices running on Android or iOS operation systems.


Why do I have to “verify” my profile?

The profile verification via mobile phone allows us to know that you are not a robot or a spamming virus. Mobile verification is free.

Can I verify my profile and the one a patient using the same phone number?

Yes, the account of a patient and the account of a family member can be verified via the same phone number. Mobile verification is free. Just insert the phone number, wait for your validation code, insert the code in FamilyPlug and start supporting the recovery of a patient with your messages.

What are the detailed steps to install FamilyPlug and have a constant access to the patient?

FamilyPlug should be downloaded and installed on a Smartphone. Create an account for the patient with his name or a recognizable nickname. Search for and connect to friends and family members. Install the Smartphone on a docking station or connect it to a power source. Remove or turn off notifications for all the other Apps that could disturb the patient during resting hours. Open FamilyPlug and select during which hours the patient should be able to receive messages. Leave FamilyPlug open near the patient and start support his recovery with your messages.

How can I make sure that the patient will not be disturbed by incoming calls or similar unwanted noises?

Remove or turn off notifications for all the other Apps that could disturb the patient during resting hours. You can find this option within the Smartphone’s “Settings”, under the voice “Notifications”

What is the difference between a Standard profile and patient profile?

None. Such distinction enables us to identify the patient’s profiles in order to have a special care for them in case of bugs and unexpected problems with our software.

The App fails to install, what can I do?

The App crushes, what should I do?

FamilyPlug was developed in order to be extremely stable. It is highly probable that frequent crushes are originated by the smartphone (old model) or by a new version of your Operating System. In this last case, you will soon receive a notification concerning the availability of an update of FamilyPlug.


How can I send a message?

On the Homepage, touch the central button and access the Sending area. Record your message and choose its destination. Touch the send button and your message will arrive to your contact at right time.

How can I know if the message was successfully delivered?

Go to the Library section and scroll your sent messages. Those marked as “delivered” were successfully sent and played.

Why my sent message is “Queuing”?

Queuing messages are stored in the cloud waiting to be downloaded and played on the receiver smartphone. In most cases, if the receiver is a patient, FamilyPlug will be in standby waiting for a suitable moment to download and deliver the message according to the timeslots that Doctors identified as the most suitable.

Why my sent message “Failed to deliver”?

Messages that cannot be downloaded within two weeks are automatically deleted from the Cloud. Also, if the patient’s Cloud space is full, messages cannot be sent. Contact someone close to the patient; make sure that FamilyPlug is correctly installed and operative on his smartphone.  If the problem persists, contact us at contact@FamilyPlug.Healthcare.

Where are my sent messages saved?

Your sent messages are stored in your Smartphone’s memory. You can access them from your Library anytime.

Where are my received messages saved?

Received messages are not stored in order to protect the privacy of the sender.

How can I make sure that my messages do not disturb the patient?

FamilyPlug was developed for patients.  Make sure that the patient’s account was setup in order to receive messages only on specific hours (“Account settings”). In such ways your support messages will only arrive when Doctors and Family members decide it is the most suitable. We also recommend to turn off automatic notifications that might allow other applications to make unwanted noises.

How can I set up the patient’s most suitable hours to receive messages?

On the patient’s Smartphone, open FamilyPlug, go to “Account” then select the timeslots that are the most suitable for the patient.

How can I make sure that the patient receives messages via Wi-Fi only without using a 4G network? What is a 4G network?

This is an option within the phone “settings”. If a phone is connected to a Wi-Fi network, the phone will always give priority to the Wi-Fi rather than to the 4G network. A 4G network is a mobile technology network offered by your telecom provider. FamilyPlug recommends connecting the phone to a Wi-Fi network as an extensive usage of a 4G networks might incur in undesired expenses with your mobile telephone bill.

The App does not receive incoming message, what do I do? 

Make sure that FamilyPlug is open and available in full screen on the phone.  Make sure that the phone is connected to the Internet. If the problem persists, contact us at contact@FamilyPlug.Healthcare.


Why should I top-up my balance?

Topping up your balance will allow you to keep using FamilyPlug, maintaining contact with a patient.

How can I top-up my balance?

Just open FamilyPlug, select the Account button on the top right corner of the Homepage, select Top-Up my balance and pay using your Googleplay or AppleStore accounts.

How does the invoicing process work?

GooglePlay and the AppStore fully manage the invoicing process with you. Feel free to contact them in case of questions or problems with your payments.

Where could I find a promotional code?

Promotional codes are given to the many hospitals and medical associations currently working with FamilyPlug. Ask your hospital to get in touch with us and become a partner of the FamilyPlug project.